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Enable Orbx message every P3D Startup.


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Operating system:  Win 10 1909 (19363.592)

Simulator:  P3D v4.5 (13.32097)


Issue:  Having had a start up problem with  P3D Sim Director I have uninstalled P3D client, content, scenery and Orbx Central (4.00.33) even the Orbx appdata\roaming folders had to go. 


With the CPU overload / Sim Director  problem solved, I am reinstalling Orbx, it seems central is creating a new add on file called scenery_add-ons.xml located in Program Data\Lockheed\Martin, there were duplicate entries for my Orbx installation in this new file and also the standard add-ons.xml file - hence the CPU overload hang I believe.




For some reason every time I boot up P3D now I am asked if I want to "Enable Orbx......" 


With every Orbx add on package, as I install more, the messages are growing, one for each package as the newly added packages are added to the list. 





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