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ORBX products not visible in my P3D Scenery Library


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Recently something went wrong with P3D and it wouldn't load for me, kept CTD. So I did a complete uninstall and started fresh including addons. I reinstalled all my ORBX products, comprising of Global, Regions (Australia V2), Cities, Airports & others. All appeared to successfully load and I also randomly verified some the products after install and got the green tick. However when I started up P3D none of the ORBX files are visible in the scenery library.

I went back in ORBX Central and synced the flight simulator, enabled legacy layering, applied all Vector configurations and still none of the ORBX files are visible in the scenery library. 

Regards Darren.

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I see all of your products are installed in your scenery.cfg.


What I do see that is not correct is you seem to have two conflicting libraries you have created outside the sim root folder, each with an instance of ObjectFlow, one is on your D:\PREPAR3D V4\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow, the other is on your C:\Users\Darren Harband\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Orbx ObjectFlow. This will render ObjectFlow useless. 


What is the path to your simulator root folder? I would not create a library folder within your simulator root folder as you have appeared to have done.

I would also not recommend creating a library folder in the C:\Users\Darren Harband location.


I would recommend creating a library in a newly created folder on either drive that has the most space and keep it outside of the C:\Users\Darren Harband location and the simulator root folder. You can edit this changes from within Orbx Central by going to settings\Libraries...you want ObjectFlow in only one location.

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