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ORBX Central stuck in taskbar

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Hi Nick. Thanks for your help.

I can right click the taskbar and close all Orbx windows. But am unable to reopen ORBX central to access settings as when I double click on the icon on my desktop ORBX Central goes straight to the taskbar, where I am unable to maximise it. The Central icon on my desktop has the windows shield type image on it is this significant?

Thanks for your help.

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try this:

Close Orbx Central, go to C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\central.json

and open it with Notepad.

Scroll down to this section and change it to match.



 "registeredUriSchemaHandlers": true,
    "showInTray": false,
    "startOnLaunch": false,
    "trayHintSent": false,
    "updateCentralOnLaunch": true


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4 hours ago, GeoffHarris said:

Thanks Nick. Seems to have sorted it out now, but am waiting on a reply re what steps to take to stop happening in future. Thanks for your help.


Hi Geoff,


This can occur due to a range of different factors. Orbx Central remembers where it was when you last opened it. Windows can occasionally shift the location of monitors, and therefore the location Orbx Central was previously located can be off the screen. There isn't an easy way to avoid this, but I've made a note of this to see if we can add a solution on our end.

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