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Orbx Library ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 (2) Title Error


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I had some plateau issues at many airports so I deleted the Prepar3D v4.5 scenery.cfg which seems to have resolved the issue.  I restarted Prepar3D so it would create a new scenery.cfg then shut it down.  I then started Orbx Central v4.0.33 and let it run for a bit then shut it down.  Upon checking the new scenery.cfg I noted there aren't any Orbx entries in it after restarting Prepar3D but they are listed within the Scenery Library under C:\Users\Robert\Orbx Library\... <--- So I take it this is much like the add on's installing themselves outside the sim?




1) What does not appear as being normal are the Scenery Area titles which are as follows:







Does the above appear because I still have the FTX_OLC EU1 in the main C:\Prepar3D v4\Orbx folder?  Is it safe to delete the Orbx folder if everything is installed in the Orbx Library?


2) When exiting the Scenery Library the database is rebuilt, I do not recall that happening before.


Thank you for your time.






Screenshot 2019-12-22 20.54.58.png

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Hello Robert,

Orbx Central does not install products into an Orbx Central Library, unless

the customer sets up and them chooses to install into such a library.


If you use your mouse to move the columns in the P3D scenery library to the left,

you will see that although they have the same name, the paths to the apparently

duplicate entries are not the same.

As to the logic behind that, you will need to ask the developers after Christmas

but in the meantime, there is no indication of a problem in what you have reported.

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