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Cannot install Oregon SD


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Central will not install this scenery. The whole installation with complete coverage of Brittain went haywire as well...so now nothing works. along with all the airports. Tried to uninstall Central, but it just tries to to its old thing. Can't  remove it either. What to do..Sorry, no log file to be found. Help appreciated.

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Operating system:  


Screenshot:  image.thumb.png.f46cce2de1b77fe63c596f08c95f9a30.png




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Hi, welcome to the forums


 Do you have these requirements installed that are outlined in the user guide linked below, and can also be found under settings/help/user guide?




System Requirements


Windows 7 SP1+, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are supported. The following components need to be installed for Central to function correctly:



Additional Requirements for Windows 7 and 8

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