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'BUG REPORT' Leeds Bradford EGNM - No taxiway lights

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Hi all,

I beleive this subject has been brought up before but didn't see a resolution to the problem. Apologies in advance if I have missed it.

I am having the same issue.

Installed TEGB Central and all is ok (taxiway lights, green for centre line and blue for edges) all looking good, but as soon as I install EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport they disappear.

Tried to rearrange Scenery_ini but with no joy.

Any body have any suggestions for a resolution?

Log.txt scenery_packs.ini

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The blue taxi lights seem to be only available in certain areas away from the main terminal building. The attached pic shows blue taxi lights visible. This topic wil remain in the BUG report section for the devs to look at. No timeframe for a either a comment from the devs nor a fix if applicable.


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