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Orbx Libraries Issue


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When installing a new product there is no option to select a library to install it into. It just automatically tries to install it in C:/ and then can't because there's not enough disk space. I frothed at the option to install Orbx to different drives and immediately uninstalled and reinstalled FSX to my SSD with the intention of installing Orbx files to a separate D:/..


Running an Intel i5-7400, 3ghz, 8gb RAM, NVidia GTX 1050. Windows 10.


Haven't had to do this before so not sure what else you need - Please let me know.




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Hey Nick,

Thanks for the response. My issue is i don't get this option at all.


I see this;




Then I click "install" and we go straight to this;




The second screenshot you posted does not appear whenever I select "install".

It just automatically begins installing into my C:/ instead of my D:/ library.

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Good idea.. But no dice unfortunately.

Did exactly as you suggested, created a new 'Orbx' folder in my D drive, associated a library to it in Orbx, and go to install a product but it still automatically begins to download into C:/ and gives me the same error message that there's not enough storage space (which there isn't).


As a side, when I test this and click 'install' - it also doesn't let me cancel the download which i find odd. 

I just get a "cannot cancel job" message and then they hang in a "cancelling" state until I exit out of the program..

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