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ORBX Central - failure to install product update


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Operating system:  Win10 64 bit

Simulator:  X-plane 11.40

ORBX Central Log file: attached

Screenshot:  Attached below

Issue:  ORBX Central indicates an update to Washington HD. However it says I have to uninstall SD first. But I haven't go SD installed. See both screenshots attached. It's a Catch 22 and I'm unsure how to fix it. Can I have some advice please? BTW this also happened with the previous Central version - I waited for the latest update to see if that fixed it.


The scenery and Xplane both work flawlessly. I have only the one Xplane installation. My scenery runs from a large storage drive linked symbolically to my Custom Scenery folder.


I've searched on these fora but am unable to pinpoint a solution.


Thank you.





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