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ORBX Central does not install correctly


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Operating system:  Win10 Home

Simulator:  XP11.40




I reinstalled my computer and reinstalled XP11. Unfortunately ORBX Central does not work properly. When installing TE GBS, Central only downloads and extracts the files for the duration of the download. A conversion does not take place at all. At the end of the download Central reports the successful installation of TE GBS. But there are only 30 GB installed on the drive in the Main Library. The ORBX/temp folder is empty again.
XP11 of course reports the missing files at startup and quits.
I had previously reinstalled ORBX Central, specified a path for the ORBX/temp folder and also defined the Main Library.
Since nothing else is installed, there is also enough space on the drives (SSDs).
After two unsuccessful installation attempts, I have now completely uninstalled TE GBS, the ORBS libraries and ORBX Central.
What is wrong, what can I do?

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Hello, Nick. Thank you for your answer.
I have now installed TE GBS for the third time. All data was loaded, about 20,000 of 32,400 files were extracted, but no files were converted. With about 48% progress the installation was finished with the message that TE GBS was successfully installed.
The installation size is again only 30.2 GB!
I have added some pictures, but the orbx central.log file is too big, about 9,8 MB. I was only allowed to upload 7,95 MB. How can I do this? Send by e-mail?

I hope you can help me. I really don't know what to do. And I won't do any more installations for that long.


Anmerkung 2019-12-09 001328.jpg

Anmerkung 2019-12-09 001514.jpg

Anmerkung 2019-12-09 001701.jpg

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Nick, why do I have to reproduce the error for the fourth time now? I mean, the problem can be seen in the log file I sent in above.


Okay, I deleted the log in ORBX Central and reinstalled TE GBS. There is no error message, but the installation is running and TE GBS is reported as successfully installed.

But it is not. The files were not converted, only loaded and extracted!


I have reattached the new log file, it looks exactly like the first one.


Please check it out now, I'm getting absolutely stuck and getting a bit angry. I'm also not a bloody beginner, but have already installed the ORBX sceneries with FTXC and ORBXcentral in P3D and XP11 several times. I know it well, but now I have a problem for the first time and can't get any further!


Please help!



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7 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

it was just a suggestion


Okay, I've now sent the log file twice.
What happens now?


To make it clear again:
The data is downloaded with ORBX Central, it is extracted parallel and to the end in the temporary directory. Then Central reports the successful installation, although no conversion has taken place.  That's why the scenery can't work and XP11 reports missing data.

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This seems to be the first error which is then repeated thousands of times.



2019-12-09T09:11:42.884Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [ERROR] texconv exited with code -1073741515


I am not an Orbx Central developer but it seems that they have not had time to visit the forum today, so I will have to guess.

Could you ensure that you have done this:






Windows 7 SP1+, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are supported. The following components need to be installed for Central to function correctly:





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Boaaah, Nick. Shame on me.:wacko::banghead:
I had reinstalled Windows10, and of course I missed this MS Visual C++. I hadn't thought about it at all. And since I know Central, I didn't read the manual either. At the moment the conversion is running. Everything is fine again. Sorry and thank you very much.:)

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