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Orbx Central Crashing


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PC: CPU i7 8700K, RAM 32GB, Graphics card RTX2080 8GB, Windows version 10, Xplane 11


I previously purchased GB North/Central/South and all was well when I had FTX Central. Last night I installed Orbx Central, was prompted to remove FTX so I did that, and purchased Washington HD. It begins to download, runs for about 30 seconds then Orbx Central just closes with no messages and is no longer running in the system tray. I restart Orbx Central, the download picks up from where it left off, runs for 30 seconds, then closes. So far it has downloaded approx 8gb. The issue persists.


edit: I'm thinking it may be related to disk space, my C drive is pretty full but I am pointing Orbx to install to the library on my D drive where I have lots of space. I am working to free up my C drive to see if this is the issue.

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