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I just did a full install of everything and replaced win7 with win10. My PC is reasonably fast with high speed cable modem and lots of free disk space.  So yesterday I reinstalled various drivers, P3Dv4.5,and then moved on to ORBX software. Using Central the  migration was completed (whatever that is) and I started downloading GLOBAL Base Pack.

After two hours it had downloaded 2% so I Logged in and started a Manual download with a download manager. NINE hours later it finished. But instead of a .zip file I have a .c4 file the same size as Global.

Where did I go wrong?  At this rate it will be Christmas before I get all my ORBX software installed.  No other programs running or downloads are in progress but no improvement at all in speed.  

So: any suggestions or advice will be appreciated  AND is there any way to install this GLOBAL BASE  .c4 ??


Regards to all

Neal Howard



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Operating system:  WIN10 Home  First time installation

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5

Screenshot:  Attached


I have been trying for two days and this screenshot shows the progress. Download starts normally and progresses at good speed. Then it gets slower and finally stops as shown in the shot.   The ONLY download to succeed is Global base.  I downloaded pacific Fjords and tried a manual install but it just went into the queue. Stopping the active download still would not get the other one installing.

All other download attempts from other sites are all normal and files download with no problems.


Please help solve this problem

Neal Howard



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