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Returning ORBX Customer needs help


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Hello All,

A year or so back I had to suspend my Flight Sim activities [FSX] and all my Flight Sim stuff was deleted.

At the time I had purchased and installed several OrbX sceneries. I have all the Registration Keys and copies of some of the downloaded scenery files..

Unfortunately I have no idea of my original OrbX login details, FTX logins etc etc - and to make it worse I have changed my email a few times since.

All the sceneries were purchased via FlightSimstore which I understand is now not operating.

Can anyone advise please what steps I should now take to get my OrbX sceneries up and running again ?



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welcome to the forums.


I have made a search and it seems that you apparently did not transfer your product licences to Orbx Direct.

It opened in November 2016 and would have avoided this problem for you.

If you did, you will need to provide a transaction number for us to find your record.


If you did not but you have Flight Sim Store order numbers, we may well be able to help to reunite you with

the Orbx products that you bought there.



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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Returning ORBX Customer needs help

Thanks Nick for quick reply.

By chance I have found my FTX login details.

I logged in successfully, FTX of course found no ORBX sceneries installed, and I am currently downloading [and installing] the sceneries that I had before [plus libraries].

So at the moment all is looking good and it has been much easier than I anticipated.

If I run into any problems I will post again - however all seems good at the moment.


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