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TE-Northern California - First time ORBX User


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I made my first ORBX scenery purchase for x plane with the Northern Ca scenery. I started the download process last night Monday 10pm EST and it's now Tuesday 4:25pm EST some 18.5 hours later and the Orbx Central still has the download/install process at 80% where it was this morning. What is going wrong with this process? Any help would be greaty appreciated. Thismis my second time trying to get it to download and install. The first time it only made it to 71% and stopped after 15hrs and now once again it's not completing.


My Name is David Bruce and below is my purchase information and I am attaching a picture of the current Orbx Central status.

Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5dd153f033fcd.


Thank you for any support/help


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Doug thank you for your response. Yes I had all of the requirements installed. I got it to work by canceling the installation then shut down central restart it and it said installed. I clicked verify files and it came out ok. loaded  XP11 and all is good. Not sure why it got hung up. Maybe a bug??





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