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Total installation fail


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Operating system:  Win10 Pro 1903

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5 HF2

Screenshot:  see below

Issue:  ORBX Central installation fails completely


Good day,


I am currently building a new flightsim PC. Fresh OS, fresh simulator. One would think that by now ORBX Central is a tool which allows trouble free installation of ORBX addons. I believed in the product and installed all of my scenery (about 200GB) at once. Bad move. Tile errors all over the place, worldwide. 


So I uninstalled everything, did a fresh install of the sim and started all over again, this time step by step.


Global Base: When installing, it downloads about 60MB and then announces that it is installed and up toi date. Only after starting verification it downloads the rest of the files and seems to be working (I didn't check the whole world, but several locations, and those looked good). 


Vector: I installed both in a library and in the sim (not simultaneously, of course) and get sporadic errors.


P3D default location:



KSFO area:



So I uninstalled vector and tried OLC NA. More tile errors.


P3D defaul location:



Away with OLC. Then I tried a region (NCA). Tile errors all over.


KSFO area:



No, I am not happy now. The PC building has stopped. I won't install any other addons before this is solved.




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