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Tried again but this time I get this message. So now only an error which is better than Manifest Error I suppose. Any idea anyone. I would be most appreciative . Thanks in advance Danny



Operating system:  







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Thanks for reply,

downloaded and followed instructions in the PDF. Again no joy. I uninstalled Central and cleared the registry. Installed version 4.0.23 and installed again. My account shows up with three updates and the Washington enhancement pack plus EG20 not installed. Try to install and still get the same message  - see attached. I have no antivirus or VPN on this machine so I do not know what else to do.

I will cut my loss and just take it all out as I cannot be doing with the hassle when all I want is to enjoy the scenery whilst using X Plane. I am frustrated that version 3 worked perfectly and now I have all this. A bit of help from Orbx themselves would have not gone amiss but thats life.

Thabnks anyway




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