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Orbx Libraries


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Operating system:  W10


Simulator:  FSX-SE


Issue:  Library Location


Hi Support

Just downloaded and installed Orbx Central but cannot find my old library locations that were creatd in FTX central V3.

Tried Settings/help/sync and also creating a new library and pointing to my old library path but comes up with an error because there are files already in there.


I really don't want to download all the Orbx products again when I have them already from FTX Cental v3.

What am I doing wrong?


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Hi Ivan

Welcome to the forum


When you go to Central and settings then to Insertion points, does a blue line with white text shows stating that the application is trying to find the libraries?


Do you have an antivirus? If yes which is it?


Also you mentioned : but comes up with an error because there are files already in there.

When you are going to create a library you have to create a folder (thart must be empty) in the root where you are going to install this new library. Once you create this empty folder you can point your OC to it

Just an advise, there is no need to migrate any product if all is working fine. There are some product that do need to be downloaded only by Orbx Central.

This new library you want to create is for Object flow and in case you want to install products outside the root of your sim


An expert might assist soon but meanwhile discard issues with the intivirus

Also ensure your hard drives have space

The application has a sort of menu in the top left of the screen to select the right sim too, just ensure you are selecting your correct sim





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I think I got it Carlo

From your comments I should 

have kept FTX central to control my existing Orbx Scenery, but using Orbx Central for any new downloads. I this is the case it’s not very clear at all in Orbx Central for users with existing Orbx scenery and FTX Central.

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Operating system:  W10


Simulator:  FSX-SE

Screenshot:  See Below

Issue:  Library Location


OK I managed to re-install FTX Central and manually restored my exisiting link to my Orbx sceneries folder using mklink /j ORBX "F:\FSX\ORBX" which created/restored the junction in the FSX root folder.


I have now got things back to the way they were with FTX Central before Orbx CEntral was installed.

1. Hypothetically,  if I were to install Orbx Central again for future downloads. How do I set up a library without it screwing up my exisiting Orbx folder junction link,

In the picture below you can  see the ORBX Junction link in the FSX folder pointing to the F: drive were my sceneries are actually installed.


2. Is it possible for Orbx Central to see my exisitng Orbx scenery Folders because I could not get this to work in OC


Help greatly appreciated.




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