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Very bad installation experience


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I really don't like to complain, but I can't help it.


Yesterday I've bought the 3 parts of ORBX UK for Xp11, it's my first contact with an ORBX product, but I have lots and lots of other big size ortho, I'm downloading and installing big files from various sources on a regular basis, and really can't remember a download/installation process that was so bad, especially for a paid product from a well-known and respected developer.


1. I figured, there are 3 parts with 20-30GB each that are all being extracted to around 100-120GB each, I will just do it over the night and have them ready by morning. Wrong. You can't queue them and have to install them one by one. Uhh ok.

2. Started the installation process of the first one making sure that I have enough free room on the destination disc and the one where the installation files folder is. It stopped at around 70% and stayed there for two hours. Minimal Disc, CPU and net usage... uhhh I should be sleeping by now, but ok... Stop/Resume... doesn't help. Canceling the whole thing, but hey, there was also a "backup" folder that should save the things I have already downloaded, so maybe I will be able to resume from where I left... no... it starts downloading again from zero. Ok...

3. Waking up in the morning... stuck at around 70%... it stays there after many, many hours. Checked all discs again, loads of free space everywhere...

4. OK... reading up on this... There is an option for manual download.  But finding anything useful wasn't easy as most of the pinned topics show an older version of the installation software that has different options. Great! This way I can also download all 3 parts at once, to safe time! Wrong. The others are getting immediately transfer capped when one is downloading. Uhh ok. Started manual download of my file (still working on my first one!)... 2MB/s.... 1,5MB/s....




No idea, maybe the whole experience is better for US and Australian users, but that's how it works today/yesterday for users from Europe. Maybe there is a problem with the server you could check or something? I really don't want to waste 3 full days on the 3 files.


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Have you combed through the support topics on this?  here are dozens of posts I've seen where Nick Cooper has helped people who have stuck downloads, there are many reasons it can happen I believe.


Nick might see this and point you in the right direction but in the meantime search the forums that's what they are for.

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Hi, thanks for answering. 


As I said, I did search the pinned topics, which was pretty confusing as many of the problems were related to prior versions of the installer.


Just finished the first part, it works after the manual download and installation process. But the download speed is horrible and I can manually only download one pack at once as the others are being severely transfer capped. 


Also, I take one thing back, it seems like there is a way to queue the installation in the app, but it doesn't help me as the normal installation process isn't working:)


Well, either way, the transfer is horribly slow (currently downloading the second file with a download speed of around 700k/s...) so maybe there is a problem with the server or something between the server and my part of Europe.



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YEs, the speed is an issue that Orbx has no control over.  ISPs around the world seem to enjoy throttling the Orbx downloads.


Are you sing FTX Central or Orbx Central.  I get much better speeds from Orbx Central.

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I'm not using anything :) As the installation process in the Central isn't finishing for me, I'm just downloading it manually from my account at the OrbX site. And the speed is getting worse and worse. Maybe it's simply because of the sale?


But yes, I was only using Orbx central when trying it with the installer. Don't even know what the other one is.

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