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Download Scenery failed P3Dv4.5 HF2


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Operating system:  Windows 10 Prof. 1903 x64 German

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5 HF2


Issue:  Central 4.016




it is a plain vanilla installation on my new PC. ORBX sceneries (I own 95% copies of all ORBX products for P3D) should be stored inside P3D Folder.

All went well so far, but I'm facing three issues.


choose product for download


Global Range: Lights Configurator -> Error: There are no builds available for this product

Europe: EGFF Cardiff AirPort -> Error: The requested resource was not found

North America: KSUN Friedman Memorial -> this product can not installed into Simulator directly  (my translation from German language)

KSUN is the only one with above message


Thank you for your support.



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there are no problems there.


The Lights Configurator is installed with Global Base.


EGFF Cardiff (for FSX and P3D), as has been explained many times, is not a separate product but a part of

EU Wales. It has to appear in Orbx Central only because it has a control panel that will not otherwise work.


KSUN is only designed to work as an add-on and has been so since its release.

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