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Global Trees HD - no trees showing


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Operating system:  Windows 7

Simulator:  FSX


Issue:  Totally new, inexperienced customer. Just installed Trees. Install went perfectly. ORBX rearranged Scenery Library; I changed nothing. Flying over MegaSceneryEarth V3 - Florida 2017. I don't see a single tree sticking up anywhere. What are some obvious things I may have overlooked?



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Thank you for your quick response. I do have some add-on airports with trees but it appears to be the same trees that came with the add-ons without any changes. As you have probably guessed, I was hoping for a tree add-on that would give some height to the MegaSceneryEarth scenery. For clarification, you're telling me Global Trees HD won't do that, right? If that's true, can you give me some examples of scenery or situations where Global Trees HD would "earn its money"? I mean, the product sample pictures are absolutely breathtaking and I'd sure like to have that in my scenery.


I tried using TreeX several years ago (and lately) but it appears to only work with the FSX default scenery. If Global Trees HD won't do what I want it to do, do you have any other scenery recommendations? Planting forested areas tree-by-tree around my airports using Instant Scenery would take forever and probably use a lot of system resources while flying.


Again, Thank you


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Hello Larry,

it's a fundamental thing that photo scenery overwrites all landclass scenery.

In doing so, it removes all autogen trees and buildings, leaving only airports

and scenery objects, such as POIs.


The only way to restore autogen is for a developer to create tens of thousands

of new agn files and for those files to be placed into a texture folder in the same folder

as the photo scenery.


There are also some payware products that do the same but use their own bgl files to

place the agn textures.


HD trees replaces the autogen tree textures, so you would see them in those circumstances

and of course everywhere, if you choose to use landclass scenery instead.

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I'm pretty good at technical things but there's still a tremendous amount I don't know about the inner workings of FSX. Is there such a reference that explains what you said and more?

Thanks for your timely help. ORBX seems to this newbie to be a great website.



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