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active P3D v4.5 Orbx night, water and black textures at day


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hey, this has been a problem for many people and solved for many people but nothing has helped!


I have night and water texture in areas of land in New Zealand FTX scenery, I have not tested through out the whole area of New Zealand but its definitely not in just 1 spot and I will provide screenshots for examples.



Deleted Scenery.cfg




Deleted all scenery and reinstalled NZ Scenery





What might have caused the problem to begin with is I played around with my scenery library to what people recommended.


Even after reinstall I still have the same problem in the same areas with no change.

I have been in to the Orbx Central and tried the advanced layering option and that still has not done a thing for me!





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I did, all 3 components were reinstalled, and was getting dark areas. But then i ran north america lc reinstall, files verification of vector and libraries and the dark areas are gone. 

Edited allthough i'm getting this error after moving libraries to an outside folder


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11 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


Following a reinstallation of P3D, if the installation is into the Prepar3D v4 Folder

it would be necessary to reinstall at least Global Base, HD trees and the Libraries.

I did reinstall Base, forgot about trees, and reinstalled Librarires outside the main p3d folder, and now getting an error, please see the post above 

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The fix needs to be a sticky until ORBX can squash this reoccurring bug!


You have to completely delete the effected LC and reinstall.


However, it's been reported a full delete from ORBX/FTX Central leaves behind several files in the LC Folder that have to be found and manually deleted.


I just uninstalled and reinstalled the NA LC 3 times and finally fixed it.


The problem is that any change or update to the LM scenery causes the issue to reappear again and again ad nauseum...


The easiest way for me to test is to fire up the default EGLIN Airport and fly to the other airport to the right along the shore when taking off over the water...


Every time this issue reappears this area is always effected.


Not sure about the Europe LC cause I don't fly in Europe currently so I haven't checked there in awhile.



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