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KORS, WA79 and 7S3 Released for XP11!

Ed Correia

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We are pleased to announce three airports for TrueEarth USA Washington and Oregon are NOW AVAILABLE to purchase!


  • KORS Orcas Island for Washington
  • 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark and WA79 Walter Sutton's Airstrip for Oregon


Please note that you will require the 1.1.0 version of TrueEarth Washington & Oregon for full compatibility,


7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark


The Bill Womack Classic Finally for X-Plane!  Nestled in the rolling farmland of the fertile Willamette Valley near Portland, Oregon, Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark is ideally located for sightseeing in the Pacific Northwest. The rural location makes for less traffic and a relaxed atmosphere, while providing an easy jumping-off point for flights to either the coast to the west, or the rugged peaks of the Cascade range to the east. The scenery includes a large area of 30cm/pixel aerial photoreal terrain, featuring the various orchards, Alpaca ranches and small farms in the area. One special point of interest in the area is the massive Glacier rock quarry, located a few miles to the southeast of the field. 


Twin Oaks is carved from the side of a gentle slope and, as a result, the Starks' house, garage, and two of the hangars are on a hill overlooking the rest of the field. Lead developer Bill Womack has obsessively researched and photographed the airport over the last few years, with the enthusiastic support of owners Bob and Betty Stark. Several years in the making, we're proud to offer the definitive sim rendition of one of Oregon's aviation jewels.

This faithful X-Plane port recreates the iconic airfield with remarkable accuracy and is fully integrated into TrueEarth US Oregon including custom mesh edits to recreate the famous slope between the house and the apron.


  • Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel
  • Little details make it so charming
  • Custom X-Plane mesh
  • Lush rural valley with farms, crops
  • True multiple elevation airfield
  • Made with full support of owners
  • Integrated with TrueEarth US Oregon
  • Made from 1000s of on-site photos
  • Superbly detailed models 











WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip


Welcome to the charm of Walter Sutton's private airfield!

Located in a sleepy hide-away rural valley in southern Washington state (actually not far north of Portland, OR), this grass strip invites you to land and explore. With a large area of beautiful photoreal coverage, you'll find plenty to see in the circuit and plenty of the 'little details' on the ground which Orbx is famous for.


This X-Plane version is fully integrated into TrueEarth US Oregon and features unique new vegetation around both airstrips.

Made by the same team who created WA56 Israel's Farm, this airfield offers the same charm, superbly accurate modeling and a level of immersion that you have to experience for yourself. We've also included the general store, the old abandoned rail works and the peculiarly named 'Tum Tum', a unique cone shaped hill almost directly aligned with the runway. WA79 is only a short hop away from Orbx's 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark.


Also includes a bonus airstrip "Walter Musa's"!


  • 60/15cm per pixel ground imagery
  • Fully modeled farm and airstrip
  • Town buildings and other POIs modelled
  • Large coverage of photoreal area
  • Onsite photos taken by Orbx staff
  • Unique new 3D vegetation
  • Fully compatible with TrueEarth US Oregon












KORS Orcas Island Airport


This beautifully located airport in the San Juan Islands respectfully pay homage to one of the most memorable airfields ever to grace FS2004. This version faithfully recaptures the spirit and charm of the Orcas Island we all remember and love, but also dials up the details and definition to 11, providing the most spectacular version yet. Discover not only the airport as it appears today, but explore the entire island, with resorts, old watchtowers, animated birdlife and orcas, keen fishermen, boating and much more. This is truly a wondrous island to add to your Orbx collection!


The X-Plane version is fully integrated with TrueEarth US Washington and features unique new vegetation and other enhancements.


  • 15/30cm per pixel ground imagery
  • Modeled airport and village
  • Ground poly runway, aprons & lights
  • In spectacular San Juan Islands
  • Large coverage of photoreal area
  • Watermasks for the shores & rivers
  • Onsite photos taken by Orbx staff
  • Many POIs across Orcas Island
  • Integrated into TrueEarth US Washington














These superb airfields are now available to purchase from OrbxDirect! Only available to download via Orbx Central.


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