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Problem with TE Washington installation

Wayne Gelder

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I'm new to Orbx. I have purchased TrueEarth US Washington HD - X-Plane 11(5d8015fb7a83d), and have been attempting to install it using Orbx Central (4.0.13). After several attempts, and after having researched several support threads, I still can't get a good install. X-Plane perpetually terminates with the error message indicated as the title of this thread. Attached is a screen shot of the detailed error. I am running on Windows 10. My X-Plane install is on the C: Drive. Because of space limitations, I am attempting to install Washington HD on the D: Drive. The errant install consumed only 41.5 gb of storage. I was expecting much more. I have 317 gb free storage on my D: Drive


Here's a link to my log file (which exceeds this forum's space limitations):




Any help will be greatly appreciated.  -- Wayne G.


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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @Wayne Gelder


Your central.log file indicates the that textconv is failing to start. This means that dds files will be missing as you can see by the error message you've encountered.


The common reason textconv fails to start is due to missing system requirements. Can you ensure you meet all system requirements outline in the user guide. http://orbx.to/central-guide

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