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TE Washington HD and SD both show as installed


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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  X-Plane 11.35

Screenshot:  yes



Within ORBX Central (v4.0.13) it is showing that I have TE Washington SD installed when I only have the HD version installed. On the North America page of X-Plane 11 in ORBX Central both US Washington HD and SD are white when the SD should be grayed out like US Oregon SD is. My Washington HD install is showing the red banner but is also indicating that the product is installed which it is. The Washington SD tab is also showing the red banner and is correctly indicating that the HD version is installed.


How do I get rid of the red banner on my HD install and have the SD option grayed out?


I have attached screen shots and the central.log file.








Washington HD.jpg

Washington HD-1.jpg

Washington SD.jpg

Washington SD-1.jpg


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Thanks Nick,


That was a bit hard to find in a search since I don't have the enhancement pack installed.


The work around in the link solved my problem but honestly ORBX Central should be able to look at what is installed and configure the files appropriately.





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