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FTX central not working


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When I launch FTX central on my new PC it asks me to login.

Then when I login, it asks me to choose my simulator, so I click Prepar3D V4 and when I click that, the central starts loading and then asks me again to login.

But I am already logged in but it keeps asking for. I cannot click any other tabs in the menu.


Please help I want to install my products..





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Hi, welcome to the forums


Please try this,


1. Right click your date/time in the bottom right (on Windows), then click on "Adjust date/time"

2. Ensure 'Set the time automatically' and 'Set the time zone automatically' are checked

3. Under 'Synchronize your clock', click 'Sync now'

4. Restart Orbx Central and attempt to log in

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