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FSX-SE Global Vector Problem.


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After installing FSX-SE successfully I have successfully installed Global Base, Global Vector, Australia 2, and Brisbane.

I get this flag when I try to run Vector's Auto Configuration. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, but it's always the same.

I can't see anything about it in the FAQ's.

Anyone able to give me some guidance please?



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An update:

I spent most of today uninstalling all my ORBX stuff and Flight Sim SE and doing a clean installation.

Ran FSX SE after installation and it was OK. Installed aerosoft Antarctica X, ran it OK. Then Fly T's Kai Tak, also ran OK.

Then Global Base, ran OK, then Global Vector. It also ran fine after that.

But when I tried the Auto Config I got the same result as last time.

Can somebody please give me a bit of guidance? I'm getting a bit depressed!

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Hi again: I don't understand why my problem has wound up on this forum, I thought I had a problem with Vector, not Central.

I've been using ORBX stuff for a long time, even back to the VOZ days. Loved FTX / ORBX then, still do!

I'm using Win 7 Pro 64 bit 32 GB RAM and FSX-SE, 500GB SSD with 1TB extra disc space.

Everything was working fine with my FSX from disc and all my ORBX stuff, including Vector, were working well.

I had some drive problems requiring a removal / reinstallation of FSX, so I decided to upgrade to FSX-SE at the same time.

My current problem has arrived since then.

I'm seriously considering uninstalling FSX-SE and going back to the old FSX.

Can somebody please, please help? I'm not very computer-savvy but can sort of find my way around if it ain't too technical!



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the topic was moved to the Orbx Central forum because you are using Orbx Central.

The Orbx Central developers have also rewritten the Vector Control Panel, so it seemed

that for those two reasons, it would be a good idea to move the topic to their forum.


If you feel that it would be better elsewhere, please outline your reasons and I will

happily move it to a location of your choice.


For advice on the Vector Control Panel, please wait for an Orbx Central developer.


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Hello Nick and thanks,

The last thing I want to do is cause any problems for anyone, so I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong.

I just posted on the Vector forum again, so I hope they don't get upset with me!

I'm a little challenged when it comes to understanding computers  but I do try! I can normally use one but when it comes to understanding....well that's another matter.

I've just been getting so frustrated because everything was working so well with the previous setup.

I'm sorry for causing any trouble.

I'll just sit and wait as you suggest



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