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An error occurred while synchronizing your simulator


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Hello, I have just updated my rig and while reinstalling Orbx Central I get the following message


"An error occurred while synchronizing your simulator"


I have tried to synchronize manually in the Help options without success.


I am including log file.  Could you please help?


Regards, Antonio

Madrid, Spain


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Hello Nick, thank you for your quick reply.


I am trying to reinstall the products but I keep being directed to Orbx Central and there is where I find the problems.  I have purchased two items in the past:


  • Global Basepack ID58965fc983a3b
  • LOWI airport ID5a43f2b32f8b1


There is no way to install them manually.  I keep getting directed to Orbx Direct application.  First thing Orbx Direct asks for is to define a Main Library location.  There is where I get the first error






Then when I try to install Global Basepack I get the following message




So I click on install Orbx Libraries and after a while I get the following message




I am completely lost here.  Any hints would be highly appreciated.  Is there a way to install these products without having to go through Orbx Direct application?


Kind regards,


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Hi Antonio,


After looking at your log file, something appears to be crashing the download component of Central. This is most often caused by your Windows installation missing some specific updates.


Can you try to install the three updates below (look for the Windows 7 x64 downloads on each), restarting your computer, and then trying to use Central again?

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  • 4 months later...


just for all of you who said that you have to install these files before Central is working correctly.


For Windows 7 (64) you received the following message after trying to download the files:


404 - File or directory not found.

Do you know an other URL where the files could be downloaded ?


Regards Uwe

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Here are the links again, all five are working for me.


Additional Requirements for Windows 7 and 8

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