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Ordering of Vector around Africa


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Updated Central to this newest version 10. Yet my Vector entries are split around the Africa layer. The APT, CVX, FixedAPT and OBJ layers are above Africa. The EXX layer is below it. I tried the Sync Simulator option under help, but still the same.

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I've transferred vector to a library. I have attached my scenery.cfg.


Since updating Central to the latest version (.13), it seems like most layering problems are solved except for these products:


PFJ Region

CRM Region

NZSI Region

YBCS Airport


All other region and airports seemed to have layered appropriately. But these four refuse to layer below the insertion point I have selected, which is the "Bathimetry" layer. I've verifyed them but they still remain on top of the Bathimetry layer, and everytime I open Central they climb the layer list and scramble upon my other addons.


Could you please take a look at these products and advise?


Thank you




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