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Error: An error occurred while trying to install a product dependency (ObjectFlow)


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If I look at my P3dv3 in Central, it shows various products with updates available. This is reasonable as I don't tend to keep up with v3 levels much these days. If I update those products (I've done a couple) it all downloads and installs ok.


If I look at my P3dv4 products, I see huge numbers of Aussie airports, plus EGHI in UK, all showing updates available. If I attempt to update any of them I get the error message box in the title of this thread.


I still have FTX Central installed. I haven't migrated any products under Orbx Central. I have no libraries set up and have installed only two products via OC, KBVS and TE OR, both directly in to the simulator (XP).


I'm guessing this may be because I DO still have FTXC installed? Now that I have the option to install new products in to the original place in the sims with OC 4.0.6 I would probably be prepared to risk removing FTSC if necessary.



Operating system:  win10 64 pro

Simulator:  P3Dv4/3

Screenshot:  n/a




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