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ORBX Central v4.0.6 unable to deal with missing "Required" field in Scenery.CFG

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I thought I posted this before re v4.0.4, but can't find that posting any more. No reactions or feedback either, but v4.0.6 still has this buglet.


To reproduce:

  1. Remove "Required=FALSE" from any (one is enough) single Scenery.CFG entry that has this.
  2. Start ORBX Central
  3. Select "Settings" then "Insertion point"
  4. Change any insertion point.

ORBX Central will now first show a progress panel saying it is saving, then an error popup. (twice)


The "Required" field is AFAIK not required, and defaults to "FALSE". Prepar3D will not complain and behave as expected.



Bert Laverman

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