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Oregon HD installation Problem


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Hello, I tried to install Oregeon HD with OrbxCentral, downloaded it 2 times, but the resulting folder (after decrompression)

only contains about 60GB instead of the announced 225GB. There is enough space on the harddisk (about 500GB).

Could you please help?


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welcome to the forums.

Is that free space on the destination drive or free space on your C drive?

Here is a troubleshooting topic, it is not quite up to date yet but

you can change the downloaded destination in Orbx Central\Settings\Downloader.



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Hello Nick,

in Orbx Central the Main Library is located on my drive e: which has 460GB free, the temporary folder is on drive f: with 360GB free, X-Plane resides
on drive d: with 248GB free. This time the resutling foldersize is just 5,6GB. Please see attached screenshots.
What else can I try to get my OregonHD correctly installed?

Thank you,


2019-08-18 21_21_31-Computer.jpg

2019-08-18 21_21_42-Orbx Central.jpg

2019-08-18 21_22_02-Orbx Central.jpg

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Hello, I've got some update information about this problem:
OrbxCentral showed TE Oregon as installed, but the MainLib-folder contained only 4,46GB.
So I started a file verification. Central recognized a backup, and started to download a further 2,7GB.
I had a real-time folder-synchronisation monitoring the MainLib-folder. During download, extraction
and conversion I could watch the folder size grow. When finished, the MainLib-folder had his
initial size of 4,46GB again, the synchronised backup-folder contained 47GB. It seems the installation
routine deletes the contents of the MainLib-folder at the end.
So two questions: why is the extracted download only 47GB instead of 255GB and why does central delete
the extracted files again? There is enough space available on all drives, during the whole process I steadily

watched the free space on all drives, none went down. Log-file attached. Please help soon, I bought this product last

friday and can't use it until now



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Please can you upload your convert.json file which can be found here:

D:\Orbx\library\xp11\TrueEarth US Oregon HD\Custom Scenery\Orbx_A_US_Oregon_TE_Custom\convert.json

This should help us to diagnose the issue further.



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It appears something is causing the Ortho conversion to not work correctly. We'll be adding better handling for this in an upcoming update.


This can be caused by a missing Windows component. Can you try to download and install this package:

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now I have 58478 files and 219GB in the OregonHD-Folder, after file verification. Is this the correct size/amount of files?

I don't know if it was the missing x86-vcredist, which I previously did not install in my x64 OS, only the vcredist_x64,

or the Central update to 4.0.10, but now it seems to work (didn't start x-plane yet).

Could you please just confirm if the folder size is correct?


Thank you!




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