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Vector airport elevation auto configuration does nothing

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Since I updated to Central, vector does no longer set airport elevations to disabled. Before the change to Central, this never had been a problem. I don´t know what this has to do with Central, but that´s what I changed. Maybe Vector was updated then automatically. I have version 1.6.0 installed. I was always updating ORBX products before if announced by ftx central. So this should not have changed.


I even noticed a difference since the first time I run it from Central. First it needed only 2 seconds  for airport elevation auto configuration what took minutes before. Now it takes longer again. I have no idea, why this changed. But it does not move airports to the right. Everything remains on the left side with bad effects in the sim (sunken aircraft).


I also noticed some folders from ORBX remained in the sim´s directory although I moved every scenery out. It is still 15.9 GB.






Operating system:  Win10, 18362,295

Simulator:  P3D4.5 HF1





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2 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


please have a read here and update as necessary.

Once you have, if the Vector control panel is still not working for you, please report back.




I saw this thread but it does not cover my problem. My problem is a running but useless "Elevation Auto Configuration" within the Vector utility. It runs but does not find a single airport to disable. Lucky, I had an old configuration saved in May, so at least I got the airports on my system till then well configured. But all since then are a bit unsafe to fly to. ;-)

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