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Unable to uninstall global base pack


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Unable to uninstall global base pack. After updating to Orbx Central I can no longer uninstall global base pack because I have tiles that are black in color and in the past a uninstall and install would fix this issue. I've tried to verify files but that did not fix the issue. 



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it has not been possible to uninstall Global Base for some time now.

Originally, the default scenery files were backed up but FTX Central had

stopped doing this some time ago and therefore there were no files to replace

the Orbx ones with.

Removing the texture files without a replacement would of course break the


FTX Central reported the product as not installed but the files were in fact still there.


There is another way to tell Orbx Central that Global Base is not installed if you have not

yet "migrated".

Go to ORBX\User Documents\Versions and rename FTX_GLOBAL_BASE_PACK.txt to


Global Base will then show as not installed and you can install it.

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