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TE Washington Update - Screwed up


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My TE Washington is installed onto another HD, under a folder called XP Custom Scenery, under which I install all my ortho sceneries (forget this library thingee).  I used Central v3

I then just make a shortcut to that folder and ensure its proper place in the XP11 custom scenery install, all three layers.


I fired up Central v4, it updated my TE Washington on its own. I now check my XP11>Custom Scenery and I now three new TE Washington layers, PLUS my shortcuts to the main install on another drive.


Can I just copy the newly installed (by orbx central) updated file folders (3) over to the other drive (my specific 8 terabyte ortho scenery drive) and paste into my install on that other drive which contains the three original TE WA install??


And how do I maintain my approach to saving ortho installs on another drive of my choosing and named as I see fit?  I quite frankly am hugely confused by "libraries" for scenery installs, when with XP11 there are a 100 library objects folders required for many of the outstanding freeware sceneries available of which I have several 100?


Operating system:  





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Hey NIck...yesterday I did the update that it was indicating and the darn thing reinstalled the entire TE WA again (208 gigs), so now I have it in the sim and on my other ortho drive. And Central put the update files into my designed storage area, but its only the updated files, not the full install backup.


So, now I'm going to move the newest install over to my "ortho" drive and just add a new shortcuts to this "fully updated version" to the sim. I do not change the folder names and I put three short cuts for the differing layers.


Lets just call this closed. However I'm still thinking there are issue with folks like me that do this sort of thing, moving scenery to another drive after an install and just add a shortcut to the scenery.ini. Might be totally screwing up reinstalls not sure, which the issue I brought up in another post, 100s of previous installs, backup files with personally named folders.


Washington looks amazing its all working well so what the heck.



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