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Blank entries

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I cannot replicate this at all in either FSX or FSX-SE, with or without the Orbx products.


Perhaps your scenery.cfg files have become corrupt.

I attach a copy.


Please place one in your FSX folder and allow it to overwrite the one that is there.


Please rename you scenery.cfg file in the programdata folder and replace it with a copy of this one.


Then run Orbx Central, set your insertion point to the top of the libray and the OLC entries

to under the Airports and wait for the green notification.


Then please attach a copy of that file to this topic before you do anything else and particularly

before you use the file in either FSX or an external scenery editor.




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I am sorry but I have already gone back to FTxCentral3 again and uninstalled Orbx Central. Also fixed scenery.cfg with a copy I saved from previous time in FTXCentral3. Maybe I go back to Central again later to do what you suggest if you think it can help. But now I can only give you the 2 scenery.cfg files I have now which work flawlessly.

scenery.cfg Scenery.CFG

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Central 4.0.10. Installed it and then went to FSXSE scenery library. Everything looked fine just as with FTX Central3 (which I let Central uninstall). Then back to Central and installed the Global Base update and also updated SODE from 1.6.3 to 1.6.4. To scenery library again and now a few entries had been moved especially Orbx LC entries jumped up to below Orbx libraries and Orbx Airports but I want it below a non Orbx regional addon and UTX. Rearranged scenery library the way it was in FTX Central3 and back to central where everything looked ok, LC below UTX in Insertion points. Back to scenery library and now this. Blank entries back. h68Gllf.png

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