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ORBX Central - P3DV4 load time to scenario screen


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Your Central log file provides us important information, please attach it to your support requests. You can find it at the following locations, or by pressing Control + Shift + L.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/Orbx/Central/central.log

You can delete this box/quote once your log is attached




Operating system:  W10

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5

Screenshot:  n/a

Issue:  Long Load Time


Good morning,


Migration for Central worked well.  One issue I am having is it takes about 5-6 minutes to get from clicking on the P3Dv4 icon until I get to the scenario build screen.  This was not the case prior to migrating from Central.  I have 98% of the P3D catalog (no other sceneries) .  I am running an i9 9900K @ 4.9 GHz.  Once the scenario is set up it does not take very long to load the scenario from the selection screen.  Any help is appreciated.






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I've had the exact same problem. Mine took about 2 minutes and 50 seconds to go from desktop to the scenario build screen. Then took 2 minutes more to go from there to the cockpit. I'm not saying that my solution is gonna work in your case, but a complete and fresh installation (not reinstallation, but installation from the scratch) of everything starting with P3D and then directly to ORBX Central followed by all ORBX addons) fixed the loading time issue for me. Wrote a big article about it here if you wanna read: 


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I had also noticed several airports were "missing" things that were there in the past (buildings, grass, etc).  I went through everything in the catalog and did a verify and then checked the options.  I noticed at several of the airports and regions Central had to download additional files.  This still didn't help with the long time necessary to get to the scenario screen.

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