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  1. The area where they do the spin outs looks a little familiar. I could be wrong of course Dodge 2021 - RICKY & BOBBY - Staunton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - YouTube
  2. Hmmm....thats weird. I just double checked and it is on my list for the Oceania region. Its installed and seems to be working well
  3. Actually NSTU has been available for a while....TAP was added today. Progress is good.
  4. Yeah I was a little disappointed in this as well. I don't have any plan to consider MSFS until they provide VR support. The one encouraging part is the pricing scale that appears to be pushed for MSFS from Orbx. It seems like the products will be cheaper in the hopes that they attract more mass appeal. I hope it stays that way :-)
  5. Thanks Carlos, I am aware of the products that are not presently V5 compatible. I am pretty sure I own all of them :-). It has just been a while since any have been converted over (at least 1 month...probably closer to 2). Just looking to get an update
  6. Would it be possible to get an update on the remaining products that have not been made compatible? I realize that none of these have been guaranteed. It would be nice to know if a product will not be converted over. It has also been awhile close to 2 months I believe) since a non-new product has been converted to V5. Some of these products were relatively new (Orlando, Charleston, EGLC and others) Any insight would be appreciated. Kind Regards, Brett
  7. I've seen the developer videos. It is impressive what they are doing. I have tried flying non-VR since adopting VR and just can't bring myself to go back regardless of how good the product is. To me it is just that different. I have no doubt they will have a successful product. In the interim, I have P3D, DCS and a smidgen of X-plane to keep me happy :-)
  8. That is pretty impressive. Look forward to giving it a serious look once it has VR support
  9. Several months ago there were discussions about a Service Pack (SP) for AUS V2 to include things like extended night lighting (like other regions)...i.e not being clipped by the autogen radius particularly on major roadways. Just looking to see where this is in the pipeline. Thanks, Brett
  10. I either missed it or its not mentioned in the description but will the P3D version include seasons or is it summer only?
  11. Thank you for the candor and transparency!
  12. John, Not sure if you are wanting a paper copy or electronic, but skyvector has excellent coverage of all the US VFR sectionals, along with low and high altitude IFR charts Hope this helps, Brett
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