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Question re Libraries

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Not a problem, but a question of understanding.


My setup is essentially -


P3Dv3 is on drive G, with ORBX on E via Junction

P3Dv4 is on drive G, with ORBX on G

XP11 live is on I, with ORBX in custom scenery on I but the TE Ortho folders on E via junction

XP11 test is on I, no custom scenery but folders in XP11 live occaionally used via shortcuts

AFS2 is on drive H, with its Orbx stuff

FSX is on drive H, with its Orbx stuff


Am I reading it correctly that if I create a new Library via Orbx Central, e.g. "Drive:\Orbx Stuff\" then that will be where all the different sims ORBX folders will be stored?


Or can I create enough new Libraries to effectively recreate my current setup? And how would I deal with my XP live situation, where I have some Orbx stuff in custom scenery directly but some on another drive via Symlinks?


I have been reading the guide, but I'm not seeing answers to these questions there.

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you can create as many libraries as you wish.

Be careful to name them so that they are easy to recognise.

They will then appear as options as to where to install or migrate products.


In your case, I would think that you would need only two, one for X Plane 11 and one for P3D v4.

FSX, P3D v3 and Aerofly do not use them and you can create shortcuts to your X Plane 11 "test" version.





Creating a library

The first time you start Central, you will be prompted to create a library. If you would like to create more libraries, you can do this by going to Settings > Libraries and clicking “create a new library”.


This will prompt you to choose a name and an install location for this library.


There are a few requirements when choosing a library location:

  • You cannot choose a location that is within a simulator’s root directory.

  • You cannot place a library at the root of a volume (you’ll need to create a directory). This means a location like D:\ is invalid, but D:\Library is valid.

  • You cannot choose a directory that already contains files.







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