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LOWI download freezes at 91%


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Tried downloading twice.  First time stuck at 92%, 2nd time stuck at 91%.  Internet connection ok, cpu usage 2-4%, windows 7.  It has stopped downloading 200mb short of 6.81 twice and have waited almost an hour now....



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I experienced a similar issue with LOWI and today again with TE Great Britain South, so I decided to take a closer look... and found the issue!


On Linux, I had my temporary location directory set to "/tmp" and the download simply filled up the entire /tmp space (which is a separate filesystem on my system) and that's where the download stopped. And that explains why it stopped at about 6.72 GB every time :-)   My bad, I never expected Orbx Central would use that much temporary disk space. On the other hand, it could have displayed an error as soon as the write failed: defensive programming!


If this happens to you to, change this setting:

    Settings -> Downloader -> Temporary Location



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