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Scenery library order and insertion points


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Brand new P3DV4.5 installation with the latest Orbx Central.

Defined these insertion points (insertion.png attached).




I didint' use any external tool to manually set any scenery order and so far I didn't install any other 3rd party aiport.

While the usage of add on xml files is nice it seems that the scenery order is messed up, does it make sense that even if airports should stay on top then the first entries are for Libraries and FTX global airports?

I set up 2 main library folders in ORBX Central for installations (on a faster D unit for airports and on a less faster H unit for all orbx libraries and all other stuff), never observed suich a mess in the past, I was used to find ORBX stuff well ordered together in a logic order.






What is the expected behavior and the the appropriate order?


Thanks in advance for your support






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I will be interested in any replies you get. I tried to add some Misty Mooring scenery in with the insertion point and it got so messed up P3D would not open. I tried the repair and it said A communication error occurred when typing to perform this action. Sorry to chime in on your post but seems like we are having the same experience. 


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1 hour ago, Nick Cooper said:


should I move this to the Orbx Central support forum?

I think so.

Sorry for that, I wasn't aware of the dedicated forum.

Feel free to move to that bucket.

1 hour ago, Eric Bakker said:

There are more threads about this, f.i.


Yes, I posted also there.

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Last post from me, then you can close this topic as many similar others have been created in the meantime.

I give up, even the latest 4.0.6 update proved to be unable to deal with its own entries (nothing related to the insertion points issue).

After reading some positive feedbacks and the detailed release notes (hence aware that the insertion point still can't deal with add-on xml method from other products), I started again with a new clean P3D4.5 installation, then added the base products/libs (to the sim folder) and at last some Orbx airports: eventually the scenery order is always a nonsense (at least internally, within the Orbx poducts scope, there should be no inconsistency).

I can even witness problems with the infamous OpenLC fallback problem (can't remember where but in Europe as I only own OpenLC EU).

To be honest I can't understand why Orbx developers are not able to set a proper order within the scenery.cfg file for their products.

Simply stated, I will stay away from Orbx products (purchased more than 30 or so over the years) for a while, hopefully not a long time.


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