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Object Flow Error


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Nice work on ORBX Central 4.....its far superior to previous iteration.  With that being said, I need your help.  Installed Central 4 without any issues.  After it was installed, I migrated AUv2 to my new library location just to verify everything was working as it should.  The migration finished without any issues, however, when i launched P3D and placed myself at YBBN, I received an error message stating:  "path not found:  D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v4\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\scenery\*_objectflow.xml"


It seems object flow is working (there a few guys sweeping up around the jet bridge) so I am not sure what the error is referring to.  Any advice?





Operating system:  Windows 10  Home

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5.12.30293

Screenshot:  see attached

Issue:  Object Flow error


Screenshot 2019-08-06 07.15.29.png

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the sweeping up people are not controlled by objectflow except in as much as  they can

be made to be there or not there at different times.

Their presence is therefore not necessarily an indication that objectflow is working.


The error message seems to indicate that there are no objectflow .xml files in that folder,

there are in fact 20 but if you have migrated Australia v2 the entire folder and its sub folders

should not be there at all.


Are they?


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I dont see any folders related AUv2 in the old location (screen shot attached).


They are in the new library however.


Do you think it will be helpful to click on "Verify Files" for objectflow in central?

Screenshot 2019-08-06 07.44.51.png

Screenshot 2019-08-06 07.48.46.png

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so I verified the objectflow files.  rebooted the PC.  started up P3D and everything seems ok.  Not sure what the problem was, but I am happy that its resolved.  Thank you so much for the quick reply and your guidance.  You guys are the best.  keep up the great work!

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