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FTX central3 problem .....Help

ken walker

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please can anyone help.

My PC has happily run for the last 10+ years, Windows7 Home premium.

I have numerous scenery and airport add on's plus aircraft in various livery's, and the aircraft I fly 99% of the time is Pmdg737-800.

It has become a bit of a pain when I get the oom noise ( memory full ) on critical stages in flight i.e finals to land loc / glide slope captured.

Anyway I digress.

I have, or should I say, had 

Global Base pack

Global openLC Europe.

EU England

Installed on my F drive 250GB.

I then in June purchased LOWI Innesbruck using the FTXCentral 3 installer, everything was going ok until download stopped due to no space left in my C drive ( C drive on my pc is where the windows operating system is located ). So I cleared some rubbish from C drive and started again using the FTX central3, to no avail. So I downloaded the manual Zip ( this was done with no problem).  How ever I cant open the Zip because i cant get the installation to open as your instructions. 

In the mean time I've been putting it off for a while but I bit the bullet and purchased a 2TB ssd, cloned the C drive and installed windows 10. I have some other issues with add on's not working such as GSX but I'm more concerned about this one.

I'm going on a bit sorry.

So in my further frustration I thought Id best delete my Global Base pack,Gobal OpenLC Europe and EU England and try again. It was at this Goldilocks moment I kicked my self as now I've lost the lot and can't get it back. 

I've tried numerous times now to no avail. 

Th 2 images form my desk top is what I get when trying using  FTX Central 3 for download as you can see the download bar is at 100%

but then immediately I get this message.







I have also attached one of the many error logs


Hope you can Help Ken :( 





orbx_ftxcentral_log (3).txt

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