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AU2 helo flight in Melboune CBD causes crash


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With AU2 trying to fly down (or up) the Yarra river at low altitude in a helicopter in the Melbourne CBD causes a crash into an invisible object.


Ants Yarra Heliports YYBK and YWTC are now unusable.

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Approaching the CBD from the West. Yarra heliport circled. I doubt Ants heliports are the cause because 1/ it worked in AU1, and 2/ the crash happens well away from them.


Nearest airport YMEN. Coordinates looks like Lat S49 °  35' Lon E144 °  56.35'  Alt 450 ft. 

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I presume it is something to do with the way some bridges are modelled .

I have flown several times down the Yarra in the F-111 and I get a Brown cloud  on contact with something , although not hitting any visible object .


I have a similar effect occur when I fly through the London Bridge in the UK .


Personally I like that effect .




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