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  1. Best I can come up with Error -200 when uploading files - Help & Support - Invision Community
  2. Most of the time now I just watch the AI do their stuff at a busy airport.
  3. REX has updates (64bit?) for P3D Skyforce and WorldWideAirports. Also FSX and FSX Steam.
  4. For MSFS 2020 flightsim.to/file/30799/watts-bridge-memorial-airfield-australia For FSX and P3D www.surclaro.com/fsdownload-detail-19482.html Above not endorsed (but I do use ants). Use at your own discretion.
  5. For those that live near Brisbane, Australia. www.brisbaneairshow.com.au
  6. Traffic Global has a plethora of dummy airports/helipads with the prefix J, something to keep in mind for developers and support personnel. I have disabled LOWI and JFLI in the Traffic Global folder and are testing further. Results so far are discouraging. There is not much AI traffic using this airport and what I have been able to catch, AI GA disappear before getting to LOWI, and commercial traffic still approach from the eastern mountains and still attempt to land on 08L. Will keep on looking for strange AFPX. Thanks for your assistance.
  7. For me this is not a priority, but has been an irritant for several years, so a quick solution is not required. Any advice on the next step would be welcome. As you can see 8L 8C and 7 are all present under LOWI. Any way to look up the helipad JFLI separately (Orbx?)? (Note that 7 appears to have its own ILS)
  8. Thank you for your prompt reply. I am running Traffic Global for P3Dv4 as my AI program. The only other APX for LOWI I could find was for traffic global, which I disabled. PCUser-Documents-TrafficGlobal-AirportFacilities-Scenery-AFX_LOWI.bgl As Traffic Global is well under FTX_AA_LOWI in the scenery library, this made no difference. There is still no difference as to how AI behave. AI GA are still told to land on 07 by ATC and attempt to land on the commercial ramp. 08 and 26 (as well as the 3 helipads) are the only runway choices when spawning. Terminal Waypoints seem haphazard.
  9. This is happening in P3D v4 at the moment. When I had FSX pre the update that caused the crashes with the ground, it was working well.
  10. Don't forget that there are possible LM military customers waiting for this project as well.
  11. 15 fps at YBBN on a medium system with sliders averaging 3/4 . Can fly a freeware helo under all largish brisbane bridges.
  12. Being very sarcastic. You are going the wrong way on the great circle route if you are over Cairns . And not really asking for it ... OLC Antarctica.
  13. No idea, but a typical trouble shooting procedure is to go back to something that works. Disable (not delete) Orbx AI traffic and see if the default AI works.
  14. Ok, looks like I'll have to edit my own files. Anyone know what airport file to edit and which program to do so?
  15. I have previously had FSX and LOWI and the western approach, written by Graham Eccleston was beautiful, and caused the AI (Ultimate Traffic) to follow the river (Inn) and do a last moment dog leg into LOWI. Have now moved to P3Dv4 and Traffic Global. Turboprops follow this western approach path, but the jets do not, they just attempt to go straight in, are too high in the approach, and continually do a go around. Anyone else have this problem? Traffic Global or LOWI?
  16. To start things before more knowledgeable people are able to reply 1) check scenery order. 2) if you have good download allowance, verify files through Orbx Central. Uploading of pictures should be accepted. Check your Orbx data storage allowance.
  17. Do you have any REX products, primarily any that would change the default ground texture (ie REX Worldwide Airports, etc)?
  18. Now do the story bridge ...... and then the Currumbin bridge
  19. Nice little easter egg. Pity no hard floor or any way to get there
  20. My understanding is that Flytampa has become an Orbx partner and is offering their YSSY v2 on the Orbx web site. I am quite successfully running YSSY v1, but would like seamless updating and remote backup. For someone who is running P3Dv4 on a medium computer, does v2 put too much workload on the computer or can I reduce the workload to a realistic level in the configuration section?
  21. What's the names of the regions? Orient, Siberia, Asia?
  22. Check that you dont have a physical memory problem and only have half the memory you thought you had. (ie you have 2 physical sticks of memory and one has failed)
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