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ESSA Stockholm Arlanda 1.31 patch

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Hi all,


another update for ESSA is available now.


P3D changes:

- Option to not use normal maps for asphalt texture added to the Config Tool. This should eliminate issues where ground look noisy at night time for users with certain Anti-Aliasing settings and some other setups.
- Runway lights objects can now be selected in the Config Tool. They have no effect on the lighting but may affect frames.
- New Dynamic Lights. Old ones could cause issues where they didn't turn on when arriving to the airport. The new ones also better reflect the real life look at ESSA as all apron lights nowadays are LED-lamps. Removes some of the nice immersion at the airport but is now more correct and should, most importantly, work in all situations.

FSX changes:
- Fixed various missing objects such as the Jumbo Hostel and the fog-light effect on the apron.

For both platforms:
- Missing night textures for some objects, including some of the gates which caused an issue in FSX.
- The fire training plane is now back.

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