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KDEN weird land class


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I have Global Base, openLC NA, and FlightBeam KDEN installed. I don't have Vector currently installed.  


There are some land class anomalies around the airport which aren't much of a distraction during the day, but they are very brightly lit at night.  There's also a much different tree-neighborhood texture box just west of the airport.  Is this something that can be corrected?


This existed on my previous system, and I've recently built a new computer with a fresh install on Win 10 pro and P3D V4.4 



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Hi there,


welcome to Orbx.


I've checked and can confirm the incorrect suburban area but don't see the forested polygon. Perhaps FB KDEN includes a local landclass file that could be deactivated. If you post a screenshot of the KDEN add-on's \scenery subfolder, in Detail display with full file names, I can perhaps determine which file(s) that would be.


Unfortunately, the suburban block is part of the raster landclass textures and thus can't be excluded. It would probably take quite a bit of experimentation to find a suitable landclass polygon type to cover up this area. Nevertheless, I've sent the developer a note to consider a revision in a future openLC NA service pack.


Cheers, Holger

Global Base plus openLC NA at Denver in P3Dv44.jpg

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