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Strange snow texture effect


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Happy new year to all! Keep up the good work!


had to install p3d v4.4 and all ORBX products into new PC. 

I installed base, LC and vectors, also I am using Freemesh X Global 2.0 from ninetwo.

I get this weird texture effect (attached videoj which I didnt have in the past. The METAR of the airport LGLR depicted snow and the season was set to winter.

My questions are...

1) How can I fix this

2) can you please tell me what is the correct scenery library order of base, LC vectors and Freemesh? I am not sure that they are all installed in correct order


thank you very much


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Thats weird... after running AEC tool it rearranges my entries in scenery library like this...

FTX - no chance

LC - no change

My addon scenery (Athens) - moved below LC was at the top of the library

VECTORS - changed places with Freemesh X

Freemesh X - see above

ORBX VECTOR AEC - no change

Default scenery


this is getting really annoying...

what is correct???

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