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Ugly airport surrounds and runway issue


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I'm not sure if this is an openLC problem, or Global Base issue? Maybe neither?


Is this what KVQQ should look like in p3D V4.4 with Global base and Global LC installed correctly?


Order #'s

Global Base: 5851fe5ab0ef2

Open LC NA: 58608a51f0600





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Hello and thank you,


I disabled the NA LC through the scenery library and here is what I see... still getting the airport background and even though the airport/runways are fine further away as I approach the runways "disappear" as if going underground. New screenshots attached..


I assume that yours does not look like this?





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I cannot replicate what you are seeing but it seems that the airport does have problems of its own.

For me, at certain angles, the apron and taxiways disappear, but never the runway.


Perhaps you can ask P3D on their forums.

When they give you the stock answer "reach out to your third party developer", you can say that the effect is there when there are no developer's products in P3D.


This is default P3D with nothing added at all.


Taxiway and apron missing



Slight change of viewing angle, apron returns, taxiway still missing



Another slight change of viewing angle, taxiway also returns.


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