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12 hours ago, JohnY said:

Our old little dog who saw the children grow up died in the end as they all do and I swore I would never have another.  However, when we moved here, the next door neighbour had an enormous Alsation called Purdy.  What a dog!  He became too old and infirm to walk her so we took on the job.  Actually, she walked us!  If she turned left we knew we were headed for the beach where she would find a stick (driftwood) and we would have to throw it for her.  Trouble was she would drop it at our feet and when we went to pick it up she would put her head down and push our hands away.  When we finally managed to wrestle it from her, she would grab it tight beside our fingers.  She never bit but my goodness her teeth were hard.  When she'd had enough and were up level with the golf club, she would turn and trot back down the  beech, climb on to the pavement beside the beach and sit at the road side waiting for us to catch up and cross.


The problem would be if she decide to turn right the start of the walk.  That would mean a walk along the path beside the ditch.  We didn't mind but rabbits lived in the bank and if she spotted one she'd be after it.  Many's the time we had to walk her back stinking with mud and slime where she'd mistakenly jumped into the ditch and as usual failed to catch the rabbit.   When we arrived home, of course she wanted to go in, but one of us had to hold her while the other had to collect the bucket and doggy soap so we could wash her clean.  She would stand there quite docile enjoying the attention and finally when she was towelled as dry a possible, in she would go, nose the lift until the door opened walk in and walk to her front door which we knocked on and she would just trot past her owner and settle in her bed looking around as if she didn't know what all the fuss had been about.


Mind you, one night she had to get up for a pee but when the owner took her down there were three young fellers dossing in the hall.  The owner came out of the lift first and said; "Get out, you shoulddn't be in here'.  One of the fellers started to say; 'Wot's it to...'  then saw Purdy with her lip curled back and softly growling.  The owner told us he'd never in his life seen anyone move as fast as those three.





 Thanks for the sharing. Marvelous story. Almost as good as your novels. ;)

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