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Victa Airtourer

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I purchased the Victa yesterday, having just realised that the particular aircraft G-ATEX appears in my logbook for January 1967! The aircraft was located at Glamorgan (Rhoose) at the time and I was filling in hours whilst away from my normal base at Thruxton. 

I was very disappointed with the portrayal of "my" aircraft and can only surmise that it was heavily modified (and repainted) since then- I remember that it had a green based livery. It never had a VP prop and still had the original 100HP engine. The flying characteristics are pretty accurate as I recall (given the larger engine) the rate of roll was v. quick due to the small  wingspan and it was also quite twitchy in pitch - landings were more difficult to achieve smoothly than any other type that I had flown up till then.  I did a couple of aerobatic sorties with the CFI including my spinning check for PPL and was surprised how readily it recovered, usually in less than 11\2 turns.

To conclude, although this aircraft brought back many happy memories, I would still like to see the original Victa modelled at some time in the future.

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On 9/1/2018 at 1:59 AM, olderndirt said:

I think Orbx, of all people, did a Victa - Aussie model.


They did and I bought it.


The field of view was wonderful and the plane itself was very Art Deco - ish inside.


This would have been great in X-Plane VR...

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