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How to get in contact?

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Hi Nick, Tnx for the prompt reply.  I downloaded his local scenery for FSX-SE from you and it is GREAT!.  Old aviators standing around , waving arms and yarning, plus staff moving luggage.  Have just switched to P3D and downloaded again and the scenery is good, but no activity - people or luggage etc.  Sad.    Would be good to have a local contact if anyone else is near. This is a great place to fly.   We have an internat. flying school here 'cos our airfield s good, coastal scenery is great, and little traffic.   Climate is the best in Australia -which says a lot.

Thanks again Nick.  Ken


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Hello Ken,

I am assuming that you have switched to P3D v4.

I think that all the features you mention are still there but they need objectflow to be working for you to see them.

You will see that there is a box that must be ticked on the FTX Central settings page and saved.

There is also a box that must be ticked in the P3D add-ons menu.

Please check and see if that returns them.

I am seeing this:


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Found my way there Nick, and ticked the relevant boxes, but still no joy re the 'populated'  Port Macquarie airport.   Should I try ticking the boxes and re-downloading the airport?

I'm a bit hesitant tho as I downloaded FTX Australia and the new Gold Coast -but they've not arrived and I can't find where they've gone.

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